Men's Boxer Briefs

A few hundred dollars and a couple of Credit Cards or maybe a little Jewelry. Keep it safe from pickpockets. Endorsed by Bob Arno and Bambi Vincent of Thief Hunter in Paradise fame.


Pickpocket Proof

What's in your pocket? Not the hand of a pickpocket!

Going to a Concert?

Pickpockets go to Concerts. Buy a few pair now and be prepared. Help put pickpockets in the unemployment line.

Heading to Europe any time soon?

Great place to get stranded when a pickpocket steals your money and credit cards. Always be safe and always take your Stashitware Secret Pocket Underwear when going on vacation. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Women's Pocket Boybrief

Keep that cash safe. Boybrief for the Women. Huge dedicated pocket.