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 “If these were in stores,” Bob Arno said, “pickpockets would become shoplifters to get them off the shelves.” 

      --- Bambi Vincent, Thief Hunter


Stashitware Pocket Underwear Endorsed 

by Bob Arno and Bambi Vincent. 

      Hey Phil, I just updated my Stashitware blog post with an addendum at the end. Stashitware Blog Post. Bambi 

      UPDATE May 2, 2012: I wore Stashitware on the world’s most crowded trains, trains so crowded you have to see them to  believe it, and I have to say: I loved Stashitware! I never worried about my cash, credit cards, and ID. It was perfectly comfortable to carry it all in Stashitware. And my stuff was quick and simple to get out and put back.  

       Excellent pickpocket-proof underwear. And no—I have no connections with the company. BV  

      These good-looking skivvies are pickpocket proof. With their easy-access pockets, they’re also pretty convenient, though in some situations a little privacy might be in order before deep digging.  Stashitware pocket pants should be in vending machines in the lobbies of hotels in cities with a pickpocket reputation. In airport arrival halls, too. They would put pickpockets out of business—and this blog, too.  

     “If these were in stores,” Bob Arno said, “pickpockets would become shoplifters to get them off the shelves.” 

      --- Bambi Vincent, Thief Hunter



Why a Person Should Buy Pocket Underwear


 Hidden pocket underwear is much like normal underwear, with the exception of the fact that this kind of underwear comes with a sufficiently large pocket which the wearer can use to store any of a multitude of different things. The hidden pocket – let’s call it the “stash pocket” is designed to fit right into the typical design of underwear and is specifically tailored to not hinder the underwear’s performance. Many people wonder exactly why they should purchase underwear that comes with some secret storage space. Well, the following are some of the most significant reasons why a person should purchase hidden pocket underwear:

It is a basically impenetrable line of defense against pickpockets

Pickpockets can prove to be extremely troublesome, especially in areas that are not exactly full of upstanding citizens who respect the law and in crowded places such as carnivals and college campuses. Professional pickpockets are more than capable of emptying any of a person’s pockets without them even noticing, which means that everything from a person’s cell phone to their wallet is fair game. What is quite possibly the most significant reason why a person should buy hidden pocket underwear is because such underwear provides an exponential amount of storage space, space which is entirely out of the range of even the most professional pickpockets out there.

It is almost impossible for a person to lose something they store in the stash pocket

People often tend to drop things that they keep in their pockets, and more often than not, these things are quite valuable and aren’t things that people would want to lose. Well, another reason why people should buy underwear that comes with secret pockets is because the chances of them dropping or losing track of whatever they store in the secret pockets are almost completely nonexistent. Stash pockets protect users from not only pickpockets but also themselves.

A wide variety of different things can be stored in the stash pocket

The stash pocket that hidden pocket underwear comes with is what sets this kind of underwear apart from the many different kinds of underwear that a person can purchase off the market. People often wonder exactly how large the stash pocket is and what they can store in it. Well, most stash pockets are anywhere between 5” and 7” in depth, which means that a person can safeguard anything from money to a valuable wristwatch by placing it in the secret pocket attached to their underwear.

It’s as comfortable as underwear can be 

Hidden pocket underwear is just as much about comfort as it is about practicality and functionality. The people behind this brilliant idea were completely aware of the fact that a person’s crotch area is one of the most sensitive parts of their body, which is why it needs comfort above all else. Keeping this in mind, this kind of underwear has been designed to provide users with the utmost possible level of comfort while, at the same time, acting as a tiny safe which they can carry with them on the go. 


The Benefits of Buying and Wearing

Underwear with Secret Pocket 

Secret pocket underwear is a revolutionary article of clothing designed to completely change the way people look at underwear. Pocket underwear turns an article of clothing that people see as a burden but something that they absolutely need to wear in order to protect their private region into something that people think of as an extremely useful tool. Secret pocket underwear, as suggested by its name, comes with a hidden pocket – or stash pocket – which can be used to store a variety of different items. The following are some of the most significant reasons why a person should buy and wear pocket underwear:

It protects whatever is stored inside it from anything and everything

The prime purpose for which secret pocket underwear has been created is to protect anything that a person chooses to store in the stash pocket from both being lost and falling prey to a pickpocket. Well, the most significant reason why a person should buy and wear pocket underwear is because it is an article of clothing capable of protecting whatever they store inside it from anything and everything.

The stash pocket does not interfere with the underwear’s functioning as underwear

Even though secret pocket underwear comes with a hidden pocket attached to it, it is, in essence, underwear. This is the reason why pocket underwear needs to be able to function as underwear in order for people to actually want to wear it. A person would think that the secret pocket that pocket underwear comes with would somehow interfere with the product’ functioning as underwear. However, that is certainly not the case as the stash pocket does not hinder pocket underwear’s performance as underwear in any way whatsoever.

It is pretty comfortable

Carrying items, especially items that are solid and hard such as wristwatches, around in one’s crotch can prove to be a tad bit discomforting, or at least that is what a person would think. Secret pocket underwear tries its best to be as comfortable and cozy as it can possibly be, and this unique kind of underwear succeeds at doing so to quite an admirable extent. While carrying things around in a hidden pocket located in their underwear is bound to make a person feel a bit iffy, this kind of underwear reduces the discomfort substantially and, once a person gets used to the feeling, can prove to be pretty comfortable.

It comes in a variety of different types and colors

Variety is extremely important to most people when picking out and purchasing anything that their person will be wearing, and that is also true in the case of underwear that comes with a secret pocket. Even when people purchase underwear with a hidden storage space, they want to have as many options as possible. Well, yet another benefit of purchasing underwear that comes with a secret pocket is the fact that it comes in a variety of different types and colors. Colors are one thing, but this kind of underwear also comes in a wide array of different forms – from boxers for the gentlemen to thongs for the ladies and everything in between. 

Stashitware's secret pocket underwear is a pickpocket's worst nightmare!

      When you are traveling the world, the last thing you want to worry about is a pickpocket slipping away with your cash, cards, or passport. Traveling internationally is already stressful. The last thing you should be worried about is a pickpocket stealing your passport, money, and other valuables. Stashitware LLC's hidden pocket underwear is the only foolproof way to protect your most important belongings anywhere, anytime. 

      When you're wearing our travel pocket underwear with secret pockets, enjoy your journey without worrying about your valuables being stolen. Simply place your goods in your travel underwear's secret pocket and forget about them until you need them again. The stash pocket also gives you quick and easy access to your belongings without zippers or buttons.  Stashitware’s pocket boxer briefs stops thieves in their tracks, whether on a crowded train or in a busy market. This comfortable travel underwear has a built-in pocket to keep your valuables hidden and out of reach of pickpockets, yet easily accessible to you. 

      Stashitware boxer briefs come in six different colors and look just like regular boxers to an outsider. The hidden pocket in this travel underwear is large enough to hold your small valuables you want to keep safe from pickpockets. It has plenty of room for other belongings, such as prescription medications, cigarettes, condoms, and more. 

      Our affordable pocket underwear keeps your belongings safe so you can enjoy your travels. Starting at only $14, Stashitware boxer briefs are also ideal for college students who want to keep belongings safe at parties, football games, and other crowded places on campus.

       Our secret pocket underwear underwear is endorsed by travel safety expert Bambi Vincent , who says the travel underwear is especially perfect for crowded train rides abroad. The hidden pocket underwear is also ideal if you spend time on college campuses or any other crowded areas. Stashitware LLC Pocket Underwear comes in a variety of shapes and styles for both men and women. Our comfortable travel underwear can be worn just like regular undergarments, and you can't see the pockets when you're wearing them. They are your little secret.   Stashitware's Stash Pocket Boxer Briefs are travel clothing you can depend on.



What Pocket Underwear Can be Used to Store

Pocket underwear is an amazingly nifty and handy article of clothing. Underwear that has a secret pocket that no one knows about built into it can really come in handy if what a person wants is to protect something while keeping it on their person at all times. Pickpockets certainly can’t reach into someone’s underwear to get their hands on something, and storing something in one’s underwear also reduces the risk of losing it. Almost anything that a person wants to protect can be stored in underwear that has a pocket built into it. For those wondering exactly what they can store in the stash pocket that pocket underwear has, the following is a list of the top candidates:


One of the most important things that every person wants to protect is the money that they work so hard to earn. Keeping all of their money at their bank is certainly not an option as a person is going to need to carry a significant amount of money with them, but a person also needs to protect the money that they carry around with them. This makes pocket underwear extremely ideal for storing the money that a person wants to carry around with them, even though accessing the money they store in their stash pocket on the go may be a tad bit inconvenient.

Jewelry or other valuable wearable items

If all the women out there don’t want to lose track of one or both of their earrings when they are not wearing them, they should purchase pocket underwear and store them in it. The stash pocket on specific kinds of underwear that has a secret storage space can also be used to store relatively larger wearable items such as wristwatches.

Important chits or pieces of paper

If there is a piece of paper or a business card that a person does not want to lose, they certainly need to protect it, which is why placing it inside their pocket underwear is an extremely good idea. Underwear that has a hidden pocket can also be used to store important chits or pieces of paper that a person does not want to misplace but also needs to be able to access.


Although keys aren’t usually targeted by pickpockets, losing keys is quite like second nature for most people. Losing important keys, such as the ones for their car or the door to their home, can prove to be quite troublesome for most people, which is why everyone needs a storage space on their person where they can safely store their keys. Well, pocket underwear is as safe as a space can get when it comes to storing keys.

Cell phones

Even though storing a cell phone in pocket underwear might reduce breathing room “down there” for the gents, the stash pocket of underwear that has secret storage space is the perfect place for a person to keep their beloved cell phone out of the reach of pickpockets. A person’s cell phone will be more than safe in their crotch area should they decide to store it in underwear that comes with a hidden pocket.