3 Pack Pocket Bikini Brief

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95% Cotton / 5% Spandex

Stashitware Pocket Bikini Brief. 1 Color and 5 sizes to choose from. 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Material. Medium size deep dedicated pocket with 6 inch opening for easy straight down access and big hands. Great for Traveling, Raves, Sporting Events, Concerts or anywhere pickpocket are hanging out. Pocket is only big enough to carry a small amount of money or maybe your credit cards or Jewelry. About twice the size of the Thong Pocket. 

Stashitware ® Pocket Underwear Endorsed by Bob Arno and Bambi Vincent.

Hey Phil, I just updated my Stashitware ® blog post with an addendum at the end. Stashitware ® Blog Post. Bambi  UPDATE May 2, 2012: I wore Stashitware ® on the world’s most crowded trains, trains so crowded you have to see them to believe it, and I have to say: I loved Stashitware! I never worried about my cash, credit cards, and ID. It was perfectly comfortable to carry it all in Stashitware. And my stuff was quick and simple to get out and put back. Excellent pickpocket-proof underwear. And no—I have no connections with the company. BV  

These good-looking skivvies are pickpocket proof. With their easy-access pockets, they’re also pretty convenient, though in some situations a little privacy might be in order before deep digging.  Stashitware ® pocket pants should be in vending machines in the lobbies of hotels in cities with a pickpocket reputation. In airport arrival halls, too. They would put pickpockets out of business—and this blog, too. “If these were in stores,” Bob Arno said, “pickpockets would become shoplifters to get them off the shelves.” --- Bambi Vincent, Thief Hunter!