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Thank you very much! Dear Clint, This is Patrick, I bought two Medium sized Pocket boxer Briefs in Grey and Blue from you recently. I am just emailing you to say personally Thank you very much for the products, they arrived very quickly yesterday, and they both fit perfectly and the design is very good and perfect for all my stashing needs. I had foryears wondered if such a product was available and I was pleasantly surprised to discover your product. Thank you once again, Patrick , UK

Good morning Philip, Many thanks for your email and hooray, the underpants arrived yesterday – they’re fantastic. I took them over to a friend’s place and they will be ordering lots from you (I hope). Everyone thinks they’re a great idea. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks again Philip. Cheers – have a good day/night. Maryanne, NSW Australia, 

Loving this got 5 pairs very comfy and the only boxers I will buy and wear so you got a lifetime customer....Can I get 1 blue and 1 black 8in pocket please and thank you. J.S. , Ma.

I'm impressed by your innovative design, truly "a better mouse trap." M.G. , New York!

Dear Phillip, Having worn the pants. I think they are excellent quality and a great idea. Martin --- UK

Just like to say how happy I am with your boxers. Most comfortable ones I’ve worn by far, and the most practical at a great price. Thanks for handling the shipping problems really well. Assuming they stand the test of time, I guess I’ll be buying these for the rest of my life ;) A.B.--- Sydney, Australia

My order has arrived, quicker than i had expected i might add. Thank you for your busyness!!! J.C.--- USA

Just a quick note to let you know I received the package. Even earlier than I expected. Everything seems great. Thanks for the sale. Cheers. Michael,--- USA

Love your boxers, I've bought them before, they're my new boxer of choice....... PS I want to order 10 pairs - 5 X Black, 5 X gray. L.D.--- USA

I appreciate your honesty and professionalism and will pass the word along if the product lives up to its word(I assume it will). J.B.--- Canada

Hi, Thank you very much. I will definitely make purchases again when the tighty whities are available! We love Pheiress in Switzerland! with best regards, C.S.--- Switzerland

Bought as gift. Husband did not like concept. Returning unopened for credit. S.M.--- USA (Received full refund)

Great Seller. Do your business here! Thanks A+A+A+. M.J.G --- USA

"First pair arrived today. Thanks for the very fast shipping. Boxers fit perfectly - very comfortable. As a retired police officer I appreciate the countermeasures design needed for a trip to Europe. Theft is a national sport. Wait til the Olympics!!" E.R.--- USA

 My name is tony and i live in California and i have to say you have the fastest service i have ever seen!! the briefs are great and i love them!! i told my friends about them and they are buying!! thank you for the "thank you" on the receipt it was great customer service. thank you so much and i will buy more and some for my gf when the female ones are up. Tony --- USA.

Thanks Phillip, All arrived as expected, they do need to be a bit "sexier" as I believe I said before, nevertheless, good product and all people who travel should have at least 3 pairs, Best Regards, Lord Richard Maddock --- UK

Love your design. That is just how I would have designed it. That is a compliment. I am ordering 3 more pair. D.C.---USA

"Stashitware rocks! We go to a lot of music festivals all summer long and travel with airlines a lot. I have bought and used stash boxers from other corners of the net but hands down the style from stashitware is my favorite. The easily accessible stash pocket is well concealed and items stored there can easily be adjusted in a pinch. Customer service at stashitware is unparalleled. Phillip, the owner, is quick and friendly in email replies, shipping was fast and all in all it was a pleasant shopping experience for a great product." S.P.---USA

"I love your Pocket Briefs and I think you should put it in stores like Walmart, Marshall's, jcpennys." M---USA

Subject: Awesome Product! Hi Philip! Just wanted to let you know that I found your site while researching pickpocket crime in Europe. My husband and I are planning our very first trip to Europe this Spring and we both have ordered your Stash It undies (I'm getting ready to place another order so we will have a 'fresh' pair for each day of our trip). Thanks to your innovative product, we are now completely confident that we can take public transportation in Spain and Italy and not have to worry about our cash getting stolen. Thanks for the great product! The undies are cute, comfortable and I know they'll "do the trick" during our travels. I'll be sure to e-mail you when we return to let you know how they worked out. L & M , U.S.A.

(ordered 3 more pair of the Bikini Briefs for women) Just to let you know I've received my order today. Faster than expected. I travel to Manila alot and wearing your boxers and briefs makes me worry free safe and secure. V.P. USA

just received the XL pair. LOVE IT. even though the large fits and i'm keeping them also, the extra large fits perfectly comfortably. thanks man, just what i needed they're genius P.N. Canada

"They came, fit great, thanks!" G.F. Hawaii