Pocket Underwear Use & Care Instructions

Basic use and care instructions for your Stashitwear / Pheiress tm Pocket Underwear for men and women.

Always make sure that your Stashitwear pocket boxer briefs are empty before you worsh (wash) them. Check them just as you would check your pockets on any garment about to be worshed. Occasionally check to make sure no holes or openings have compromised the holding capability of the pocket. You don't want your valuables falling out in public.

Worsh your Stashitwear tm pocket boxer briefs the exact same way you have been worshing your underwear for years. Follow the instructions on the detergent label that you use for cotton, dark, clothing. Worsh them with your hanes or fruit or hillfiger and they will be just fine. No Bleach.

Do not under any circumstances put anything hard, sharp or dangerous in your Stashitwear tm pocket boxer briefs while you are wearing them. This is an extremely sensitive and dangerous area to fool around with. Use common sense. Nothing flammable. No open knives. No loaded guns. This ain't the old west you know. You take full responsibility for anything placed in your pocket underwear. If you use them properly you should have no problems. Some people have put an athletic cup in the pocket for protection. I do not sell them for this reason so if you do this, do it at your own risk.

A tight belt will make it harder to reach into your secret pocket. Try it. See what I mean. Maybe wear your belt a little looser if you can or don't wear a belt unless you have to during the times that you are wearing your Stashitwear tm. Practice a few times sucking your gut in, me to, so you can get the feel for how far to suck it in order to stash and retrieve.

Getting in your secret pocket is more difficult when you are sitting down. Try to avoid reaching in your Stashitwear tm while driving. Use common sense. You adult guys let her reach in the pocket for the stashed item while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You adult women drivers let him reach for it and well you know how that goes! Seriously you should avoid reaching into the pocket while driving if you can. Again it is easier if your pants or shorts are loose.

Never use Stashitwear tm for anything EVIL! Example 1: Stealing, like shoplifting. ( tho shall not steal ). Example 2 : Putting a sock in the pocket to impress the babes down at the Disco. ( tho shalt not bear false witness ).

Never leave the house without your Stashitwear tm on. Especially if you might need them. Have them and not need them but don't need them and not have them.

For best results put you stashed item deep into the Stashitwear tm pocket. If you are sitting down with your knees higher than your waist then I guess it would be possible for your stashed item to come out. I have tried and tried to get money, bills, to come out of the pocket with no success. Even change has a hard time falling out unless your standing on your head. If you are wearing the wrong size Stashitwear tm and they are loose on you then the pocket bands might not stretch enough to be as secure as they could be. It would still be really hard for something to fall out of the pocket even then.

Don't freak out. It's only a thread. If you find a hanging thread don't pull it out. Take a sharp pair of scissors (must be able to cut through a string of thread) and with surgeon like skill cut the thread at the closest point to the material without cutting into the material. Careful. Whew! That was close.

Reaching into your Stashitwear tm pocket boxer briefs during your travels into the plublic (public) arena will draw strange looks from those who observe you doing so. If you are seen doing it in a store you may be suspected of shoplifting. Remember the idea is to have a stash-it-place that no one else knows about. GOT IT! Use common sense. Retreat to a bathroom or car or motel room or any place private like the dressing room. Remember that cameras are everywhere but the bathrooms, or so they say. Don't walk up to the check out counter of Walmart and then have to reach into your Stashitwear tm because that is where you have the $1000.00 stashed to pay for the new TV.

Never put your phone on viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibrate and then place in your Stashitwear tm pocket while driving or operating any type of moving equipment or dangerous machinery. Use common sense. Incoming calls or texts would cause a jerky reaction, among other things, that could cause you to wreck or have a bad accident. Explain that to a Trooper.

Last but not least. If you are in a bar or sleeping or standing in an elevator or walking down the street at Mardi gras or just minding your own business and you feel a hand reach into your secret stash pocket then you are probably being pick pocketed. Please take appropriate action to dislodge the intruders hand before he/she can get his/her hands on your valuables. Unless you are dead, in a coma, passed out drunk (you get the picture) then you will feel the pickpockets hand when it goes in the pocket. Remember secrecy is the best policy. Loose lips sink ships. Stashitwear tm is a deterrent to thieves. Combined with your other stash products they can only enhance your ability to not be ripped off. They now have pockets on socks, shoes, hats, bras, mens and womens underwear, money belts, and of course shirts and pants or shorts.