Stashitware ® Pocket Briefs for Sale! 

Tight fit. xs, small and medium only sizes available.


Pocket Briefs
Price: $5.00



1 pair is $ 5.00 each

2 pair is $10.00 each

3 pair is $15.00 each

Men's Stashitware ® Secret Pocket Underwear Briefs.Men's Stashitware ® Secret Pocket Underwear Briefs.

Description: Stashitware Pocket Briefs

1. 100% Cotton , New condition with Tags!

2. Pickpocket Proof 

3. Secret pocket that cannot be seen while wearing 

4. Unique design allows for fast straight down access when speed matters. Try unzipping a zipper in your underwear with pants on and stashing the item and then zipping them back up. 3 step process. What's better? Place hand in pocket with item and then pull hand out. 1 step stashing.

5. 6" pocket opening for easy access and big hands 

6. 12-14 inch deep pocket for plenty of stashing room 

7. NO zipper to snag or break or set off metal detector

8. Free Stealth shipping for all USA. 

9. XS (24-26), S(28-30), M(32-34), L(36-38) 

10. No branding to alert others that they are pocket underwear 

11. Great fit and comfortable 

12. Hated by thieves everywhere because they WORK! These are the underwear that pickpockets wear to keep YOU out of their pockets.